WILSON’S PFA presents the '100 Club'!

Joining the '100 Club' helps to raise vital extra funds for the school.

It works by members paying £5 per month by standing order for a number which is placed into our monthly draw. If your number is drawn, you win an amount of money in proportion to the money received for that month. If all 100 numbers are sold for that year, £500 will be available each month, half of which will go to the PFA and the other half will be split between the 3 numbers picked at random. If more than 100 numbers are sold the prize money increases, likewise if not all 100 numbers are sold the prize fund will be reduced.

This is a great way to help raise money for the Wilson’s PFA and the more people who join, the more money the PFA raise! Draws take place on the first day of the month, and we will inform the winner by the Wilson’s newsletter. If you would like to join, please download and print the Application and Standing Order forms at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines as detailed on the Application Form.

Don't forget - you can buy more than one number to increase your chances, but please make this clear on the form and put the appropriate amount of money on the standing order. Friends, family, relatives, neighbours and colleagues can join too! Many thanks for participating in this way and GOOD LUCK!


100 Club Poster
Application Form
Standing Order Form
100 Club Rules