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Wilsonian Sponsor

Become a Wilsonian Sponsor today & make your children proud of you! Sponsor essential items from PFA’s list. Make a tangible difference to the lives of 1300 boys at Wilson’s. Be a part of our vibrant & philanthropic Wilsonian community.

Weekly Walkers

WHERE? Walk in loops every week around Mellows Park in Wallington. WHEN? Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, from 8 am – 9 am. WHY? Achieve 10,000 steps. Stay fit & healthy. Make new friends. Lose weight.

Cake Sales (2023-2024)

Bake a cake & eat it too at PFA’s most exciting annual food event. Whether you are a ‘GBBO wannabe’, a ‘have-a-go-baker’ or a ‘buy-it-from-a-shop-baker’, here’s your chance to rise & shine in lieu of cakes!

Deepak’s 4th London Marathon!

Running for the 4th time in the London Marathon to raise money for Wilson’s is PFA’s ‘Marathon Man’ & shining star – Deepak Chinnam! Thrice clearly wasn’t enough for him; he’s doing it again for all our boys! Please support…

Prakash’s London Marathon

I’m passionate about running & started 12 yrs ago. Mindset & ability to sustain a long goal is the key to success & there’s nothing better than a 26.2 miles London Marathon to prove it! Please support me to raise…